Atomic Blonde

Saw Atomic Blonde at the new iPic Theatre (more about that some other time). I heard that they were trying to make a Jane Bond but but it was more of a Kill Bill meets Jason Borne.

Charlize Theron looks better now than she did 14 years ago when she won the academy award. Bottom line enjoyed it. Go see it.

(Warning trailer a bit violent and suggestive)

The Connection – Documentary Film Recommendation

I saw a great documentary yesterday by Australian journalist and filmmaker Shannon Harvey called The Connection. It is the first film that makes an honest attempt to show the existing and growing body of science supporting the mind-body connection. If you care about your or your loved one’s health you will be glad to watch this film. Enjoy!

Living Long Enough to Live Forever

If you do not know who Peter Diamandis is maybe this might ring a bell… he is the creator of the X-Prize responsible for the $10,000,000 prize that Burt Rutan and his team won for being the first civilians to privately launch into space (and many other prizes). He shares a podcast with Dan Sullivan on the topic of ABUNDANCE. Yup Abundance. Boring? No way.

Many of the topics discussed will open your mind to so many possibilities. The latest podcast deals with the question of can this generation live long enough to live forever. All about the great advances occurring now in the area of human longevity. Worth the listen.


Thor: Ragnarok

Have you seen the latest Thor Ragnarok Trailer?

IT IS SO COOL! I can’t wait to see it. The guys at Marvel seem to have outdone themselves. Thank you for injecting some “real”istic humor into fantasy.


So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Very good book:

In a nutshell it makes a good case for turning on its head the concept of people having a pre-ordained “Life Purpose”. The author Cal Newport states that by and large most people do not know or have a life purpose but that one finds passion when they develop mastery around a skill or set of skills and turn it into the framework of career capital. It is career capital that enables one to develop the leverage and autonomy to experience a passionate life. He launches off of many of the concepts popularized by Daniel Pink in his book Drive (which by the way great book). I am not sure I agree with all of Cal’s theories but they are worth considering. What I really liked in his book is the exploration of the concept of mastery. Sigh. You do not see enough of it in the world today but like pornography…you know when you see it. There are lots of repetitions in the book but many great nuggets of value. It is worth the read.

Go Go Vado!

Have you checked out the new VADO electric bike from Specialized?

My local bike shop let me test drive one around the neighborhood and it was amazing! My knees are not what they use to be but I was able to sneak up to a team of road racers and with a grin on my face and a light sweat just smile at them as I glided passed. They hated me.  I love technology. The bike shop told me that electric bikes comprise the majority of all bike sales in Europe. Maybe Santa will bring me one.