So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Very good book:

In a nutshell it makes a good case for turning on its head the concept of people having a pre-ordained “Life Purpose”. The author Cal Newport states that by and large most people do not know or have a life purpose but that one finds passion when they develop mastery around a skill or set of skills and turn it into the framework of career capital. It is career capital that enables one to develop the leverage and autonomy to experience a passionate life. He launches off of many of the concepts popularized by Daniel Pink in his book Drive (which by the way great book). I am not sure I agree with all of Cal’s theories but they are worth considering. What I really liked in his book is the exploration of the concept of mastery. Sigh. You do not see enough of it in the world today but like pornography…you know when you see it. There are lots of repetitions in the book but many great nuggets of value. It is worth the read.

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